floor51 announces the launch of HSiM-51

Using HSM and secure business logic to safegaurd your HSS and UDM

January 7, 2018

floor51 has announced the launch of our new state-of-the-art security product to help Service Providers of all types to keep their critical business logic secure.

floor51 provides customised firmware for popular HSMs containing a variety of additional features, all accessible from vendor neutral APIs

F51-Key-GreenCustom business logic can be migrated into the HSM environment. This provides tamper proofing and portability for software at the heart of business critical systems.

Our initial deployment is being used for secure SIM provisioning and can easily be used for HSS authentication as well.

With 5G and IoT in mind, we can help you safeguard critical business operations by securing SIM provisioning credentials generation and transport encryption, from Ki to PIN/PUKs generation.

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