floor51 announces the launch of RX-51 Indoor Plus

March 18, 2018

floor51 has launched our new in-building mobile coverage survey tool. Already being trialed by two MNOs in Europe, RX-51 Indoor Plus is the quick, simple and cost effective way to survey indoor coverage.

Indoor Plus screen shotNo technical knowledge is required to conduct the survey, just someone to walk the floors of the building with the RX-51 Indoor Plus probe in hand to collect mobile signal strengths. The probe also produces a detailed floor plan of the area surveyed.

The surveyor can add place markers to identify relevant points on the floor plan and also insert photos of important features such as riser points or overhead cabling trays.


This not only saves the operator time and money, but also alleviates the need to arrange access to the building.

The surveys are automatically uploaded to a server for closer inspection and analysis. The files can also be exported from here to other systems as required.

As the focus for mobile coverage increasingly centres on indoor coverage, it becomes more and more important for an MNO to be able to conduct in-building surveys quickly and cheaply. The RX-51 Indoor Plus probe from floor51 is the solution that MNOs have been looking for.

Download the RX-51 Indoor Plus flyer here

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