5.Backersfloor51 is backed by a wealth of knowledge from senior industry insiders. Having worked for many years in the Telecoms industry and with deep practical experience of the challenges and opportunities faced by operators, service providers and manufacturers, in this fast moving and highly competitive industry.

Our Management

Chris Newman

Chris has been programming computers since discovering the wonders of the Amstrad 464 and Amiga 500 in the 80s as a kid. Captivated by mobile devices he has developed apps for Symbian and Blackberry in the days of the Nokia 7650 and Blackberry email, and subsequently iOS and Android during the remarkable onset of mainstream adoption, each platform providing an abundance of new tools to explore and fascinate. He has worked in the Internet and mobile telecoms industries his whole career.

Phil Knight

Phil has been involved in mobile service development for many years running service development departments in T-Mobile and EE. He is also now involved in several consultancy and product development programmes within the industry, taking both managerial and hands on rolls.

Bill Best

A veteran of the mobile industry, Bill is a former CTO at one2one/T-M UK and the GSMA Association.  A very experienced telecoms operator with an extensive knowledge of the global mobile space. Bill has worked in small start-ups directly and worked for VCs in selecting wireless industry innovators. Bill has spent many years on interworking and interoperability issues with networks and devices and has also headed up IT functions as a CTIO along the way.

Charles Brookson

Charles worked in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills of the United Kingdom Government for twelve years, and is a Professional Electronic Engineer. He currently chairs ETSI TC CYBER, and was the Chairman of the GSMA Security Group for 25 years, having chaired the group that designed the GSM algorithms in 1986. He previously was Head of Security for the UK mobile operator one2one, and worked in British Telecom for twenty years before that, in the last few years in the Chairman’s Office. He has worked in many security areas over the last 40 years, including Cryptographic systems, secure designs, policies, auditing, and mobile radio for over 30 years.

Andrew Gill

Andrew has worked in the communications and electronics industries for over 40 years initially for equipment manufacturers but more recently for mobile and cable TV companies. He has spent most of his career in the commercial and procurement functions within corporate finance. He has also worked for a number of years in operations in customer facing roles.

Some of our Investors

Emin Gürdenli

Throughout his career (formerly with BT, one2one, T-Mobile and EE), Emin has always seen network planning and operation tools as a key enabler. He has developed personally or overseen the development of several systems including one on Digital Microwave Radios and one on Mobile Coverage for BT, then a Cell Planning and a Configuration Management tool for one2one. Service Management in mobile networks is something dear to Emin’s heart and one where traditional vendors have lagged his vision. Emin is involved in Floor51 to change that and help Floor51 bring to the market some truly sophisticated and effective tools for Service Management.

David James

David has worked in mobile technology for 25 years after starting his career in signalling software development. He specialises in network design and development with a focus on end to end service quality together with the economics of service delivery. He has been directly involved with the virtualisation of mobile infrastructure and the move away from traditional technologies.

Tim Smith

Tim has worked in mobile since 1996 including senior roles in Orange & EE.  This includes management of specification, design, R&D, test and early deployment of radio network HW and SW, mobile devices and associated tools and systems including group wide R&D on behalf of France Telecom.