RX-51 Sentry

  • A suite of products to help wireless operators and service providers survey the radio environment
  • RX-51 Scan captures layer 3 data from select Android based devices including the Motorola G3
  • RX-51 Modules captures layer 3 radio data on GSM, UMTS and LTE bearers from all mobile network operators in a market simultaneously
  • RX-51 SDR monitors physical waveforms on all bands on all networks in a market simultaneously



RX-51 Net

  • a unique mobile network performance and quality probe
  • for commercial Android devices with support for IMS monitoring
  • delivers bespoke reports tailored for the customer
  • can be operated as a black box that is part of a fully managed service that is remotely maintained, or as a rooted end user device available to a closed user group



RX-51 Indoor Plus
  • automatically generates floor plans on demand during the walktest
  • precisely pinpoints indoor user location
  • collects coverage data
  • obtaining accurate and reliable signal strength information inside buildings where GPS is not available has traditionally been an expensive issue for wireless Service providers
  • smartphone based



RX-51 SDR Scan
  • detects interference and unusual activity in the radio environment
  • monitors all waveforms on all mobile network bands simultaneously
  • based on LimeSDR


  • our custom firmware locks away business logic and open algorithms based on code we share with you in a tamper proofed HSM
  • mobile security algos including Milenage, TUAK and COMP-128 variants
  • vendor neutral APIs for multiple HSMs including SafeNet and Utimaco (2018)
  • HSS and 5G UDM / ARPF / AUSF authentication, traditional SIM provisioning, SIM OTA and the latest Remote SIM Provisioning for eUICCs
  • provides equally high security for virtualized and low entropy NFV deployments as well as traditional HSS installations
  • where an open RNG is required, we can provide an implementation of the Karevara algorithm



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