• RX-51 Net. A low cost but very versatile mobile network remote test probe. The new economics obtained in our product allows for mass penetration of probes in static and mobile locations to test RAN performance and exercise the mobile core. A great proxy for the customer experience.
  • RX-51 ID+ is new way to carry out inbuilding coverage checks. Our device simultaneously collects signal level, quality and serving cell information whilst producing a floor plan of the surveyed area.
  • RX-51 Scan captures layer 3 data from the surveyed network giving visibility of the neighbouring cell environment.
  • RX-51 SDR Scan monitors physical waveforms on all bands on all networks simultaneously and reports in real time any anomalies in the licensed spectrum. The low cost point allows for devices to be permanently deployed in the field.
  • HSiM -51 uses standard HSMs to conceal the keys and algorithms used in mobile authentication platforms. As we move to a NVF environment in 5G, we help Service Providers safeguard their valuable security assets.

RX-51 Net
  • a low cost mobile network performance and quality test probe
  • support for IMS monitoring
  • delivers comprehensive  tailored for the customer
  • can be operated as a black box that is part of a fully managed service that is remotely maintained, or as a rooted end user device available to a closed user group
  • complete web client for the analysis of results and production of graphics



RX-51 Indoor Plus
  • automatically generates floor plans on demand during the walktest
  • precisely pinpoints indoor user location
  • collects coverage data and serving cells
  • obtaining accurate and reliable signal strength information inside buildings where GPS is not available has traditionally been an expensive issue for wireless Service providers



RX-51 SDR Scan
  • detects interference and unusual activity in the radio environment
  • monitors all waveforms on all mobile network bands simultaneously
  • low cost point allows for premanent deployment in the field for continuous surveillance of the radio enviornment


  • our custom firmware locks away business logic and open algorithms based on code we share with you in a tamper proofed HSM
  • mobile security algos including Milenage, TUAK and COMP-128 variants
  • vendor neutral APIs for multiple HSMs
  • HSS and 5G UDM / ARPF / AUSF authentication, traditional SIM provisioning, SIM OTA and the latest Remote SIM Provisioning for eUICCs
  • provides equally high security for virtualized and low entropy NFV deployments as well as traditional HSS installations
  • where an open RNG is required, we can provide an implementation of the Karevara algorithm



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