2. Solutionfloor51 is a boutique software house that develops the kinds of products you won’t find on the shelf. We build it and then we customise a solution that’s right for you

We build a custom Android ROM for probes that forms a managed mobile network monitoring service that can be fully customised. We solve the device problem and get you the data, you decide what to do with it.

F51-Beaker-BlueWe build Hardware Security Modules, roll software into integrated firmware and give you what you need to protect your systems. In this age of rampant Cyber-crime, its more important than ever to protect your data and your systems rigorously.

We help mobile operators to manage SIM creation, distribution, field management and disposal. This expertise can be applied to other systems containing valuable and sensitive data. We believe that Remote SIM Provisioning is one of the most signiciant changes in the history of mobile and we are building products to harness this leap forward.

We love radio. If you need something that helps you to see things you’ve never seen before, we can provide it to you, key in the SDR’s ignition. Whether you want to monitor waveforms or test things that are difficult to test, such as SIM OTA or cell broadcasting, we can provide a solution ready to go.

We like to build things