for the future

Here are some of our thoughts about the type of work we think we will be doing in the years to come:

  • a network of networks underpinned by intelligent, self organising radio devices where small cells are as adaptable as demand is volatile. 5G will be a collection of complimentary technologies, working towards one unified goal, the need to provide ubiquitous and reliable coverage
  • Remote SIM Provisioning is one of the most significant changes in the history of mobile. We intend to be there
  • one of the next great leaps forward for mobile devices will be flexible screen technology. As touch propelled smartphones into the heart of popular culture, flexible displays promise to expand the small screen, everywhere
  • a self describing internet, where content providers engage with AI bots to mark up their data with rich semantics, finally realising the vision of a vast structured dataset, emancipated from their silos
  • video that is captured with additional LIDAR data so that machine vision can more easily comprehend what is currently a flat image, and perceive what we do, a multi dimensional world