Wireless Intelligence

Data for coverage, integrity, and security.


Ready to Deploy


A complete device and analytics platform for roll-out, optimization and monitoring.


Affordable in-building coverage surveys with automated floorplan creation.


Cost-effective continuous monitoring of spectrum and real time reporting of anomalies.


Business logic to secure commercially sensitive and critical network keys and algorithms.

Our Story

We enable service providers around the world to deliver competitive and secure mobile experiences for consumers and the industrial internet.

Lucy Woods, Cambridge Wireless



Who Benefits

Service Providers


  • Test Measurement & Assurance

  • Network Intelligence

  • Digital Customer Experience

  • Tower operators

  • Network Operators & Compliance

  • Nationwide Testing & Benchmarking

  • Consumer Interests & Capabilities

  • Coverage Validation


Defence, Transport, Law Enforcement

  • Choosing a Provider

  • Operational Assurance

  • Procurement Intelligence

  • Internet of Things

  • Sweeping sites to check the radio environment 

  • Detect fake WiFi Aps and Rogue Base Stations 

  • Collect forensic information

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