Network Security

Real-time spectrum surveillance to counter interference and unusual activity across the spectrum while improving network coverage.


It is imperative for safety-critical users such as defense, police, airports and marine ports to detect, localize and take countermeasures against malicious and unintentional radio interference. 

  • Real-time spectrum surveillance scanner.

  • ‘Picks up suspicious or anomalous radio activity is taking place in an area.

  • Highly configurable detection algorithms can be frequently changed and updated remotely.

  • Can be deployed in the field in sensitive locations.

  • Alerts when anomalies in the regular spectrum pattern are detected.


Detecting IMSI Catchers


IMSI catchers and ‘Stingrays’ are devices used to intercept wireless traffic and trace subscribers by their long-term identifiers (IMSIs). They pose a threat to subscriber privacy.


  • Create and use a signature footprint of the monitored spectrum

  • Set predetermined alarm thresholds outside of expected radio environment conditions

  • Anomalous activity will be detected using a subset of floor51’s signal analysis techniques, based on power anomalies, frequency drift and signature analysis

  • IMSI catchers appear as higher power neighbour cells, and so will be reliably detected

Detecting Jammers


Jamming attacks are a subset of denial of service (DoS) attacks in which malicious nodes block legitimate communication by causing intentional interference in networks.


  • Identify missing neighbor cells

  • Identify anomalous activity, specifically if encryption is disabled

  • Automatically identify and tune a second SDR to each signal of interest

Detecting Unlawful and Self-installed Enhancers


Self-installed enhancers increase radio interference in licensed spectrum, i.e. static mobile repeaters for indoor use or low-gain mobile phone repeaters for use in vehicles.


  • Conduct frequency drift and jitter analysis to identify that equipment isn’t of the same quality as the real base stations 

  • Interference investigations and obtaining evidence to allow enforcement is expensive and time consuming

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